ChildCare Kindergarten

About Preschools

At preschool, children create solid groundwork in pre-scholarly, social and general fundamental, functional skills that help advance them in school. Research shows that children who move on from preschool have improved scholarly readiness, lower detainment rates and higher profit earnings later in life.

We realize the impact that learning inside and outside of the classroom makes, so we crafted our educational programs to instruct and nurture children. By doing so, we produce exceptional opportunities to grow and improve early childhood development. Our methodology includes early learning and schooling with exceptional childcare for children ranging from newborns up to pre-schoolers.

Why Choose Us

Each child is unique. Our programs are designed to promote individualized learning based on your child’s needs. Each program prepares each child to meet and surpass physical, social and spiritual milestones through interactive learning, activities and guidance from our nurturing and experienced teachers.

Questions and Answers

At Color Us Kids, we truly believe interactive and hands-on learning promotes growth in tremendous ways. We utilize educational field trips and presentations to supplement our programs to aid in the benefits of our learning environment.

Writing and reading skills are critical for future social and academic success. That’s why our devoted teachers are dedicated to providing top-tier writing and reading instruction to help build the literacy and comprehension skills necessary for their future academic success.

We know that each child’s academic success can not foster and thrive without the help of their parents. At Color Us Kids, we understand what a difference that communication between home and school can make in a child’s development. We provide full reporting on individual achievement and development for each child so parents can continue the same efforts outside of the classroom.

There is developing acknowledgment of the impact of children’s early reasoning and learning that science encourages in early childhood development. Including Scientific Investigation Opportunities serve exclusively to construct a basis for future logical understanding and growing abilities, to help develop critical ideas and skills for future academic success and learning.